Another day, another h&m rehearsal!

rise and fall

We jammed it out semi-acoustic level and at my house instead of the studio this afternoon. Was going to give the neighbors a treat and smash it out on the deck but decided to leave it for another day when Melbourne’s weather gets its shit together. Did have ulterior motives for the relocation tho, was getting some stuff delivered throughout the day so while we played the trucks kept rolling in and so did the deliveries. Our first delivery man seemed to dig the tunes – he really had no choice but to listen to them while he was installing the dishwasher! He got a taste of Breathe In Breathe Out and Rise & Fall whilst he was under the sink, did stop to give me instructions how to operate it then asked us if he could come to the next gig. Who needs market research when you’ve got a tradie to play to!

The band loves Dishwasher Man!

My dog Bob also loved the whole ‘live in the livingroom’ thing. Whilst he usually chills with me in the homestudio at night and on weekends to just the keys and vox, he discovered a whole new level of appreciation for the complete band sound today! Aaron & Marshall were rewarded with the occasional lick followed by a thorough pants sniff – a big compliment in Bob’s dog world I guess. We brought Silverton Hotel and One More Beer back into the fold today and helped these older numbers of ours ease into this new laidback groove we seem to have happening. One More Beer worked so well it jumped into our next three to record for the album alongside Sons Of Dirt & Stone and Breathe In Breathe Out. Finished up the session after just a few hours, as with a pre-celebration of Marshall’s birthday going on tonight, he was of course mad keen to get to Sophie’s house and get stuck into the night ahead of him – who could blame him! Needless to say we’ll all be heading out tomorrow for his b’day bash with a bit of lunch and some tunes in the arvo at our local stomping ground hotel, The St Andrews Pub. Might finish up at Musicland for a jam later on tomorrow night?

On band matters we’ve decided to book our cameraman for the 3rd week of Jan to get the first film clip made for Rise & Fall, we also agreed to press a limited edition of 100 numbered and signed EP’s to bring with us to The Walks in Eltham for our EP launch on Dec 15th at 2.00pm. You’ll just have to be there to score one! It’s a quiet night for me right now, just sipping on a JD finishing up the EP cover so we can press it in time to take them with us in a few weeks – yes that’s the artwork above! I will say that now that we have one tradie and a dog on the h&m bandwagon.

Hope you’re all having a good one right now…