H&M Radio Interview on Inner FM…

aaron h&m





What you are listening to on the blog today is Aaron’s interview with Jerry and Janet on their Downtown Radio Show and their airing of our demo master of Rise&Fall on Inner FM. It’s the name of the EP and it has two other songs on it, Sanctify and World I Live. We have our EP launch next Sunday at 2pm at the Eira Lounge Bar located at 1 Pryor St  Eltham, VIC.

So who are we? I got together with Damian Marshall about a year ago when we combined forces on this new collaborative project. On a foundation of indie and contemporary blues with me on Keys & Vox and Marshall on Guitar, Bass, Stomp & Vox, I begun writing and we got working on the tunes –  a kind of search for the soul of our sound has been going on for the last year, more or less. Whilst crafting and sharing our music in the studio, live and online we decided early on that we’d go on that journey with our audience; basically just let them experience that evolution along the way – definitely not lock ourselves away until we thought the music had arrived!

Late this year Aaron Schembri joined us, probably at a perfect point in our bands journey. It was at a time when our music had evolved enough to kind of cement our identity and the realisation that we could now take a serious crack at establishing ourselves as a new, up and coming Aussie band.

Whilst we are regulars at the infamous St Andrews Hotel St Andrews and venues in the surrounding area we recently had a show at The Cherry Bar in the city and are now looking to play many more inner city gigs coupled with some live radio appearances. We’ve been busy in the studio for the last couple of months with our producer Michael Kerss, the third producer we’ve had the privilege of working with and I have to say we are incredibly excited about the sound Michael is helping us create.

We just can’t wait to get this album completed and released for you all, early next year.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Aaron…