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Rise and Fall EP by Hemy & Marshall

Reviewed by Andrea Caccese, Sweden

Hailing from Australia, Hemy and Marshall are a trio of musicians and songwriter that have set out to create a personal, charismatic and eclectic sound, combining the grit and energy of Brit pop with the wide-open quest for melodies and groove not unlike Motown, delivering a cool retro feel of the 1960’s buried in a modern sound.

The three pieces’ brand new EP, ‘Rise and Fall’ is a work which immediately struck me with its melodic impact, focus and energy – not unlike artists the likes of Oasis, Keane or The Editors.

The EP kicks in with ‘Rise and Fall’, which immediately creates a vibe that reminded me of some of the softer tracks on ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, the final album from legendary Brit rockers Oasis.

While Hemy and Marshall owe much to a sound akin to the British super-group, they also stand out with a completely original personality and charisma, as showcased by the next track, ‘Sanctify’.

The song starts off clean and classy, built on lush, roomy piano chords slowly building it’s way to a classic indie rock tune.

“World I Live” blinks an eye to a folk groove with a more upbeat feel. The song kicks in with energy and grows in its intensity as more elements come into the picture, from the colorful horn leads to compelling vocal harmonies. The way the song ends almost echoes the last hours of a late night party… the moment when people are getting tired – it’s almost time to go home. The mood is dreamy and a kind of state of bliss, a culmination of all the great things that happened in those moments. This is the feeling you get when you listen to all three tracks from Hemy and Marshall’s debut EP!

It might be quite hard to judge an artist from just one EP with three songs, but each song is a true snapshot of a progressive band in constant flux, exploring different directions, whilst keeping their eyes focused on their chosen path. Being eclectic and diverse is really important for bands in the 21st century, but oftentimes, an attempt of being kaleidoscopic might actually produce an erratic and confusing sound; a loss of identity. The ‘trick’ is to find a way to do different things, but at the same time, craft records with a common thread, which simultaneously screams out the personality of the band. This is exactly what Hemy and Marshall have managed to accomplish with their ‘Rise and Fall’ EP.

These tracks are direct, yet unpredictable: honest insights into the songwriters’ life, experiences and mindset, both lyrically and musically.

Stream the entire EP and find out more about the band’s gigs, tours and everything else they are up to on their official website!