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Rise and Fall – EP Review

by ReviewGeek

Rise & Fall EP

Hemy & Marshall, came to me with a different touch of classic melodies in new modern combinations. Their tunes are kind of like tasting a big earthy wine from a new bottle with an exciting new taste. This three piece band from Australia are clearly passionate musicians with some out of this world songwriting.

By doing the hard work in the studio and delivering such a remarkable collection of soundtracks on this EP, it is clear the band have focused on the design and melody of their music and made it sound flawless to any and all crazy music lovers. The melodies they present in ‘Rise and Fall’ enchanted me, which I definitely want to share, I have to say the composition of this first EP for the band is totally awesome!

‘Rise & Fall’ EP is a musical gift from these guys! They made me feel inspired and elevated with their lyrical and harmonious tracks. Full of energy and a passion woven into their music that blew me away. Their three new tracks are there, each with a different presentation and flavour:

‘World I Live’ is such an energetic and moody song and is unquestionably a masterpiece. You can draw a colorful scene listening to this track and enjoy dreaming the away time as you listen to it. The intensity of emotion and hunger for success came through the track ‘Sanctify’. It’s such a spirited song, starting with a piano chords and layers that create a fury of moods, like a kind of fever spilling out of the song itself. This impression builds even more when the energy peaks in the songs outro. Totally remarkable to listen to, another great composition, no shadow of doubt is ‘Rise & Fall’ – the title track came with its own dulcet, yearning slow rock feel. This creation was like diving into my old personal memories and yet another tremendous song from the band.

This debut EP from Hemy & Marshall is going to create a glorious history for them I believe. The way they have launched their journey into melodic classic rock song compositions indicate their days of success are not too far away. They have hit the floor running and totally amazed a music lover like me. That is impressive!

I have no doubt all of you are going to love it, maybe even more than I have!