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Hemy & Marshall:

“Rise & Fall” Does What The Best Music Usually Does.

It Moves You!

By Rick Jamm in Jamsphere Reviews


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Hemy & Marshall are a trio of musicians from Australia who are in the wake of releasing their brand new EP, ‘Rise and Fall’, with Hemy on Vocals and Piano, Marshall on Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Flute & Sax and Aaron on Electric Guitar. ‘Rise and Fall’ is a relaxing, soulful Ep. It flows smoothly and is full of pleasing melodies and Hemy’s masterful singing. The acoustic guitar and piano-driven songs here, are beautifully written, perfectly arranged, and performed with much gusto. It is an all-round great effort and the product is simply superb from an artistic and technical point of view.

Hemy & Marshall have managed to update the 70′s classic soul sound with the perfect amount of Brit-Pop elegance, spirit and polish. Their choruses have a slow burning, gospel feel that makes the songs sound like spiritual reaffirmations, while Hemy can make his voice do absolutely anything! It is so rich and soulful, powerful and gentle all at once.

Hemy & Marshall has brought back an organic sound that has been missing in popular music for a couple of years. This Ep does what the best music usually does. It moves you.

Musically light years beyond the Autotuned herd. This isn’t Music for Dummies, but music to feed the soul. The title track “Rise & Fall” kicks this set off with an immediate, soul-bearing jolt. You want the obvious pop song; you get the obvious pop song. Hemy & Marshall don’t want the obvious pop song. This stuff is custom made. Be. Do. Stand up. It’s your life, live it! Songs like “Rise & Fall” have been known to change lives…or at the very least, save them.

“Sanctify.” Oh, listen to this one. Lean in a little closer. There goes Hemy & Marshall, once again, where the others won’t dare go. Cling onto Hemy’s asphyxiating vocals while the rhythm sweats and breathes behind you, and the saxophone comes and goes, revealing a little more of itself with each repeated listen, until you get to the core of the song.

These essential tunes are the highlights, for me. Yours may differ. It’s allowed. There’s more. There’s always more. There’s the vibrant, all-brassed-up, “World I Live”. All said, though, ‘Rise and Fall’ is a very strong Ep and a moving piece of music. The soul behind the sound especially comes through in the poignant, real and touching vocals displayed across the tracks.

‘Rise and Fall’ is a collection of intelligent, insightful, creative and beautifully crafted songs that link together into an exquisite tapestry of both melodic and energetically engaging sounds, punctuated by sharp, soulful lyrics. Hemy & Marshall deliver music for your heart and soul; music that doesn’t scream or whimper. But rather, music with a mesmerizing quality that cuts to the bone!

“Rise & Fall” is now officially released!

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