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Indie Alternative Band Hemy & Marshall

Climb Music Charts with EP Title Track “Rise & Fall”

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“Rise & Fall” the title track from Indie Alternative band Hemy & Marshall’s latest EP (Rise and Fall) is lighting up the international soundstage. The Australian trio has collectively delivered an unblemished model of musical prowess. Although the band mixes it up on the indie scene, their latest project has all of the makings of a mainstream hit; which is probably why the song has tucked away thousands of plays in just a short while. The musical composition, songwriting, and vocals work in a cohesive manner to produce an exceptional example of soulful expression and imagination.

“Rise & Fall”, released just before Christmas is beautifully underscored by rich piano chords, amplified by full background vocals, and intensified by a fierce guitar performance. The score takes on a life of its own, carefully enveloping fans into an ultimate listening experience. With a moderate tempo, the track is an easy listen but transitions effectively to capture the energetic nature of the vocals. The arrangement reaches deep within the heart and soul of indie music making it a fantastic digital discovery to add to your collection.

The band delivers lucid storytelling with vivid expression very much like that of a country song but, the lead vocalist’s energy behind the lyrics is of a rebellious and unruly nature often seen in alternativestyles. The lyrics are not only well crafted but they are of a tuneful variety; encouraging the listener to either sing along or ferociously press replay. “Rise & Fall” overall is an inspiring production that delivers purposeful content and a relevant message.

Hailing from Australia, Hemy & Marshall is an inventive band that continues to grow their imprint on music’s international map. The band which is currently ranked at #3 on Australia’s Indie Alternative Charts on Reverbnation, features Hemy on vocals, Marshall on acoustic guitar, and Aaron on guitar. With numerous live performances under their belt, and an online fan base that is bursting at the seams, Hemy & Marshall are setting the precedent for indie artists worldwide. Listen to the latest single from Hemy & Marshall on SoundCloud.

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