life & times

Thought it was about time to commit to sharing my life & times on the road to gigs and beyond! A pretty uneventful week so far, waiting for our producer to lay the groundwork on the ‘Rise & Fall’ EP before we head back into the studio to do the final mix. With our sound having seriously experienced a heightened state of evolution in recent months, we all agreed to get the EP up on the website before we book new gigs on the back of our current sound. I do feel like a muso on a hot tin roof at the moment though and am channeling my frustrations into carving out a burst of new tunes in the home studio both late at night and early in the morning.  Not prepared at all to settle for anything less than full tilt at the moment! I figure that tinkering with other stuff like finishing the movie I was working on this year, writing for other artists or meeting with publishers etc… just drags me out of the h&m groove that we’ve got to get into at the moment. Jesus it’s hard enough to ‘make it’ let alone settling for bits and pieces here and there.

Did get to jam out another new one ‘High’ the other night with Marshall & Aaron which def started to kick some ass – especially on the back of the rhythms Marshall was dishing out. Also been busy planning out the backend of the EP marketing launch with some radio appearances, a film clip to shoot and a show in the city real soon so stay posted and thanks for hanging with us! The last three months have been painfully slow live wise (apart from a great support show at The Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane a couple of weeks back) but have to say it has been incredibly productive in the studio for us. You cant have it all I suppose! Just opened a Devils Cut and settling in for a lazy Thursday evening, got a lot of lyrics to weave into the new numbers so I’ll probably just sit here and ponder the road ahead for the music until inspiration works its way to the surface – out of the haze of the day that’s just been. Looking forward to hooking you all into my posts here so get involved! I’ll try to get on regularly to give you the inside line on all things happening with my poetry & music!

hemy, x