My first poetry book and literary novel are in the works for 2021 and early 2022….

‘she is a rare experience’


‘She is a rare experience’ is Volume 1 of a series of works that explores one man’s poetic deep dive into the spiritual, metaphysical and earthly dimensions of the female psyche, form and soul. These words flow from the author’s perceived inner truths disseminated from his attempt to discover the essential essence of a woman; expressed in layers of emotion, attraction, fascination and sublimation of his ‘other’. Within these poems lies his intent to capture and express a more modern ideal of the relationship between the artist and his muse. The work may be described as a somewhat indulgent accumulation of his reverence and adulation of the female exploding across the pages; an exploration of intimacy painted in words that have been individually and instinctively formatted and sculpted. The author seeks to capture the energy and imagination of his subjects and aims to replicate that experience for his readers. The poet’s words delve into surreal, romantic, obsessional, conventional and mythic themes both figuratively and metaphorically. Whilst there is a subtle sensuality imbued and woven into this body of work, it is reflective and delicate in nature and steers away from explicit meaning.  This is the first of a series of volumes of work which will follow.