Five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review

she is a rare experience

‘she is a rare experience’ is a work of contemporary poetry by hemy new school poet. The free-verse poetry focuses on exploring femininity and the female experience through the lens of the male poet. Essentially, the author seeks to connect with the female ethos and explore the depth and complexity of women. Through vivid prose, hemy explores a plethora of topics in an attempt to deeply understand the perspective of women. For example, spirituality, enlightenment, loss, angst, growth, ambition, and intimacy are just some themes explored in she is a rare experience. In the author’s apt words, this poetry acts as a “bohemian love song” to his muses.

Simplistic complexity is the best way to describe hemy’s work. Though she is a rare experience initially appears to be made up of easy, lyrical poetry, it quickly becomes clear that there is more substance and meaning to hemy’s words. For example, there is no concrete separation of poems, which adds curiosity, fluidity, and depth to the story being told: The work could be considered one long poem, or it could be considered a collection of many short poems. The poetry could be about one woman or many women. Similarly, the male lens through which the prose is written adds a mysterious element to the work, as the author seeks to understand the female world but can never quite grasp the experience in full.

​This poetry is a delightful treat for readers who enjoy opulent vocabulary. Each word appears to have been thoughtfully selected, and the poet’s penchant for less-common language adds to the ambiance and curiosity of the poetry. The expert use of vocabulary is one aspect that really makes this contemporary poetry stand out from the genre. I was elated by the way hemy uses words to evoke emotion and a sense of place. For example, “traducian soul,” “audacious platitudes,” and “parlous, caliginous nights” are just a taste of the words one can expect to encounter in this stylistically motivated work.

​Similarly, the entirety of she is a rare experience is a work of art. From the beautiful prose to the thoughtful selection and placement of each word and comma, the author takes the reader through a cogent journey of his experiences with and feelings about the female psyche. For example, formatting is a key factor in this reading journey. Each word is placed strategically so the poetry mimics arches and curves that could be associated with the female form. The feminine curves of the poetry create a liquid continuity within the narrative, mirroring the author’s fluid perspective about his muse, or muses.

​Overall, she is a rare experience is a unique treat for poetry lovers. The thoughtful prose, formatting, and vocabulary work exceptionally well and lead me to rate ‘she is a rare experience’ 5 out of 5 stars. For readers who enjoy contemporary poetry with interesting and less-common vocabulary are sure to find hemy’s work engaging.

Official review by Marisa Rose of ‘she is a rare experience’ by hemy new school poet