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she is a rare experience

‘she is a rare experience’ is a work of contemporary poetry by hemy new school poet. The free-verse poetry focuses on exploring femininity and the female experience through the lens of the male poet. Essentially, the author seeks to connect with the female ethos and explore the depth and complexity of women. Through vivid prose, hemy explores a plethora of topics in an attempt to deeply understand the perspective of women. For example, spirituality, enlightenment, loss, angst, growth, ambition, and intimacy are just some themes explored in she is a rare experience. In the author’s apt words, this poetry acts as a “bohemian love song” to his muses.

Simplistic complexity is the best way to describe hemy’s work. Though she is a rare experience initially appears to be made up of easy, lyrical poetry, it quickly becomes clear that there is more substance and meaning to hemy’s words. For example, there is no concrete separation of poems, which adds curiosity, fluidity, and depth to the story being told: The work could be considered one long poem, or it could be considered a collection of many short poems. The poetry could be about one woman or many women. Similarly, the male lens through which the prose is written adds a mysterious element to the work, as the author seeks to understand the female world but can never quite grasp the experience in full.

​This poetry is a delightful treat for readers who enjoy opulent vocabulary. Each word appears to have been thoughtfully selected, and the poet’s penchant for less-common language adds to the ambiance and curiosity of the poetry. The expert use of vocabulary is one aspect that really makes this contemporary poetry stand out from the genre. I was elated by the way hemy uses words to evoke emotion and a sense of place. For example, “traducian soul,” “audacious platitudes,” and “parlous, caliginous nights” are just a taste of the words one can expect to encounter in this stylistically motivated work.

​Similarly, the entirety of she is a rare experience is a work of art. From the beautiful prose to the thoughtful selection and placement of each word and comma, the author takes the reader through a cogent journey of his experiences with and feelings about the female psyche. For example, formatting is a key factor in this reading journey. Each word is placed strategically so the poetry mimics arches and curves that could be associated with the female form. The feminine curves of the poetry create a liquid continuity within the narrative, mirroring the author’s fluid perspective about his muse, or muses.

​Overall, she is a rare experience is a unique treat for poetry lovers. The thoughtful prose, formatting, and vocabulary work exceptionally well and lead me to rate ‘she is a rare experience’ 5 out of 5 stars. For readers who enjoy contemporary poetry with interesting and less-common vocabulary are sure to find hemy’s work engaging.

Official review by Marisa Rose of ‘she is a rare experience’ by hemy new school poet

here is the cover and some lines from my first ‘narrative poetry’ novel…

‘this paradise, lost’

Part I


The juvenile tempest of my departure was one of longing

and aching in my bones.

Those steel giants have finally closed in on me,

delivering a suffocating feeling

of a life made inconsequential.

The bag I had packed was a pathetic ode

to a man in step only with

 the majestic rhythms and schisms

of his own beastly, imprisoned mind.

Part II

The City Slick

Trying to get the dirt and sand back onto my skin,

so desperate to release

the dirty oil of the city slick off my back.

Well-worn stains on my diminished glimmer,

jamming all of my words into tight crevices, impenetrable.

I was leaving the beggar of my own soul.

It wasn’t the reach I was chasing

but those genuine solid moments

when the earth descends upon me

My first poetry book and literary novel are in the works for 2021 and early 2022….

‘she is a rare experience’


‘She is a rare experience’ is Volume 1 of a series of works that explores one man’s poetic deep dive into the spiritual, metaphysical and earthly dimensions of the female psyche, form and soul. These words flow from the author’s perceived inner truths disseminated from his attempt to discover the essential essence of a woman; expressed in layers of emotion, attraction, fascination and sublimation of his ‘other’. Within these poems lies his intent to capture and express a more modern ideal of the relationship between the artist and his muse. The work may be described as a somewhat indulgent accumulation of his reverence and adulation of the female exploding across the pages; an exploration of intimacy painted in words that have been individually and instinctively formatted and sculpted. The author seeks to capture the energy and imagination of his subjects and aims to replicate that experience for his readers. The poet’s words delve into surreal, romantic, obsessional, conventional and mythic themes both figuratively and metaphorically. Whilst there is a subtle sensuality imbued and woven into this body of work, it is reflective and delicate in nature and steers away from explicit meaning.  This is the first of a series of volumes of work which will follow.

life & times

Thought it was about time to commit to sharing my life & times on the road to gigs and beyond! A pretty uneventful week so far, waiting for our producer to lay the groundwork on the ‘Rise & Fall’ EP before we head back into the studio to do the final mix. With our sound having seriously experienced a heightened state of evolution in recent months, we all agreed to get the EP up on the website before we book new gigs on the back of our current sound. I do feel like a muso on a hot tin roof at the moment though and am channeling my frustrations into carving out a burst of new tunes in the home studio both late at night and early in the morning.  Not prepared at all to settle for anything less than full tilt at the moment! I figure that tinkering with other stuff like finishing the movie I was working on this year, writing for other artists or meeting with publishers etc… just drags me out of the h&m groove that we’ve got to get into at the moment. Jesus it’s hard enough to ‘make it’ let alone settling for bits and pieces here and there.

Did get to jam out another new one ‘High’ the other night with Marshall & Aaron which def started to kick some ass – especially on the back of the rhythms Marshall was dishing out. Also been busy planning out the backend of the EP marketing launch with some radio appearances, a film clip to shoot and a show in the city real soon so stay posted and thanks for hanging with us! The last three months have been painfully slow live wise (apart from a great support show at The Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane a couple of weeks back) but have to say it has been incredibly productive in the studio for us. You cant have it all I suppose! Just opened a Devils Cut and settling in for a lazy Thursday evening, got a lot of lyrics to weave into the new numbers so I’ll probably just sit here and ponder the road ahead for the music until inspiration works its way to the surface – out of the haze of the day that’s just been. Looking forward to hooking you all into my posts here so get involved! I’ll try to get on regularly to give you the inside line on all things happening with my poetry & music!

hemy, x

Giving big-ups to all my listeners…

After just 7 days my ‘Brave’ promo EP release just hit number 4 on the ReverbNation Alternative charts for Melbourne, VIC, AU. Thanks so much for your support, listens and beautiful feedback, it means the world to me! Bandcamp now over 100 listens also 🙏🙏🙏

Our Thursday night gig at Musicland…

Welcome to the band Johnny…


Kate is ripping it up with those dulcet tones…


Marshall is just loving being back on the bass…


Aaron aka ‘The Wolfman’ is digging our new rhythm section…


and I’m just loving the groove we’re in…


Come and checkout our new lineup and sound at

The Bendigo Hotel Collingwood

Kate & Erin in the mix

With Kate on acoustic guitar & vox and Erin exploring percussion & drums it seems h&m is in a new chapter of sound.

Session at 3phase tonight should be cool!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.08.42 AM

Street Chic from Virginia Beach discovers new Australian Music!


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Indie Alternative Band Hemy & Marshall

Climb Music Charts with EP Title Track “Rise & Fall”

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review photo

“Rise & Fall” the title track from Indie Alternative band Hemy & Marshall’s latest EP (Rise and Fall) is lighting up the international soundstage. The Australian trio has collectively delivered an unblemished model of musical prowess. Although the band mixes it up on the indie scene, their latest project has all of the makings of a mainstream hit; which is probably why the song has tucked away thousands of plays in just a short while. The musical composition, songwriting, and vocals work in a cohesive manner to produce an exceptional example of soulful expression and imagination.

“Rise & Fall”, released just before Christmas is beautifully underscored by rich piano chords, amplified by full background vocals, and intensified by a fierce guitar performance. The score takes on a life of its own, carefully enveloping fans into an ultimate listening experience. With a moderate tempo, the track is an easy listen but transitions effectively to capture the energetic nature of the vocals. The arrangement reaches deep within the heart and soul of indie music making it a fantastic digital discovery to add to your collection.

The band delivers lucid storytelling with vivid expression very much like that of a country song but, the lead vocalist’s energy behind the lyrics is of a rebellious and unruly nature often seen in alternativestyles. The lyrics are not only well crafted but they are of a tuneful variety; encouraging the listener to either sing along or ferociously press replay. “Rise & Fall” overall is an inspiring production that delivers purposeful content and a relevant message.

Hailing from Australia, Hemy & Marshall is an inventive band that continues to grow their imprint on music’s international map. The band which is currently ranked at #3 on Australia’s Indie Alternative Charts on Reverbnation, features Hemy on vocals, Marshall on acoustic guitar, and Aaron on guitar. With numerous live performances under their belt, and an online fan base that is bursting at the seams, Hemy & Marshall are setting the precedent for indie artists worldwide. Listen to the latest single from Hemy & Marshall on SoundCloud.

Check out more music from Hemy & Marshall on their official website

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Mika Lucio. Staten Island, NY


h&m logo

Miss Maggie May, American Music Writer.

Review of Hemy & Marshall’s “Rise and Fall” EP 

            Coming across any new, up-and-coming band is always difficult for me. Maybe it’s the fact that some of my favorite bands that I simply could not live without today, were bands that I couldn’t stand for some reason on first listen. Usually, they’ll grow on me until I fall in love. Now, I don’t remember the last time I listened to a band from Australia other than John Butler Trio. I usually stick selfishly to the confines of my own country, maybe once in a while checking out a few bands from England in between. I don’t think it has anything to do with my preference, but rather the feeling that it is sometimes easier to stick to what you know instead of venturing into the uncertain. After taking a listen to Hemy and Marshall, I realized that sticking to what you know isn’t always the best option.

I was pleasantly surprised after stumbling upon this trio from Melbourne. Hemy and Marshall is an alternative/indie pop band who are soon releasing their newest EP, appropriately titled “Rise and Fall”. When I say the title is appropriately named, I don’t by any means consider it to be a metaphor for my interest in them. Frankly, I feel quite the opposite. After listening to the three tracks, “Rise and Fall,” “Sanctity,” and “World I Live” in subsequent order, I felt as if it was the perfect musical transition from beginning to end. It was just like listening to one long track that picked me up, made me feel at ease, and then sat me back down slowly.

            “Rise and Fall” is the first track on the EP. The acoustics at the beginning of the song set the stage for a mellow, satisfying vocally-driven track. Hemy’s voice is captivating and beautiful to say the least. It definitely seems as if there is a point he is trying to get across on this track and whatever it is, it had me listening. I hate to compare him to another artist, but I was immediately reminded of Noel Gallagher in this one. His tone seems to be so melancholic at times, but transitions into a tone of gratification so fast you’ll be trapped in a euphoric-state throughout the whole song.

            “Sanctify” was by far my favorite out of the three. The slow piano introduction paved a perfect path for the aggressive acoustic and electric guitar riffs that followed. This one definitely had a lot of energy to it, which was a great pick-me-up after being mesmerized by the previous song’s trance-like vibe. The ins and outs of the saxophone went hand in hand with Hemy’s confident, piercing, in-your-face vocals. For a band that has only been together for about a year, it becomes evident (in this song especially) that they are extremely synchronized and I would love to hear this one performed live.

            I just changed my mind. After listening to “World I Live,” it immediately replaced “Sanctify” as my favorite. It definitely has more of a pop-like feeling to it. The acoustic guitar riff is repetitive in the beginning and it works so well, leaving plenty of room for the electric to give it a high-pitched accent. Then came the saxophone, at which point I almost lost it. The tune was so bouncy and buoyant that I couldn’t help but dance a little. This is the type of song that you would hear on the radio and call in just to get the name. It is just too catchy. There was something about the simplicity of this song that really gave me a mixture of emotions all at once, almost contradicting itself in the process.

            I’m really glad I got a chance to listen to this gem of a trio. What they lack in total song selection so far, they make up for in unrefined talent. I’m sure I’ll be able to make due with what they have to offer, however. Each member of the band seems to incorporate their skills into the songs in a unique way, making for a pleasant concoction of melodies that will grow on you with each individual listen. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this band and I’m sure they will deliver, just like they did with this EP.


Stream the whole Rise and Fall EP continuously here on Soundcloud:

Please leave a comment for the band they would love to know what you think…

Indie Band Guru


Review by Keith Pro of Indie Band Guru

Often it takes a while for a band to come together and find the right chemistry to actually create music that matters.  Other times things seem to click immediately and a group of musicians that were talented on their own combine to create a band even greater than the sum of their parts.  Our latest find seems to be well on their way quite quickly.  Let us introduce Hemy&Marshall.

The Melbourne, Australia based threesome crafts an impressive blend of indie pop that showcases skills that have been mastered by each band member.  Hemy, Marshall, and Aaron have all been very successful in past ventures and have brought those experiences to this new project.  The band formed about a year ago and has been evolving ever since.  Something unique about Hemy&Marshall is that they have included their fans on this journey by playing a dizzying amount of live shows and radio appearances as well as growing a surging online presence.  By including their fans and their input, the group has fine tuned a group of songs ready for release to the masses.

The newest release by Hemy&Marshall is the 3 track EP Rise And Fall.  The opening title track “Rise And Fall” is a mellow and beautiful piece of songwriting featuring piano and guitar that could melt the coldest of hearts.  The vocals add another level of soulfulness to the song.  The next track “Sanctify” adds an element of rock energy while still remaining chilled enough to play on any mainstream radio station.  The saxophone brings the song to another level of soul.  The closer “World I Live”, is a bouncy pop song that features an assortment of instruments creating an impressive wall of sound.  Go get a listen to the beginnings of what could be a breakout band this summer at:

Play or Buy & Download Hemy & Marshall’s Rise and Fall single here from Bandcamp:

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Jamsphere: ‘Rise & Fall’ review & editorial

                    rise and fall ep cover 2 release

Hemy & Marshall:

“Rise & Fall” Does What The Best Music Usually Does.

It Moves You!

By Rick Jamm in Jamsphere Reviews

Vote The Artist: Rating: 5.0/5

Hemy & Marshall are a trio of musicians from Australia who are in the wake of releasing their brand new EP, ‘Rise and Fall’, with Hemy on Vocals and Piano, Marshall on Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Flute & Sax and Aaron on Electric Guitar. ‘Rise and Fall’ is a relaxing, soulful Ep. It flows smoothly and is full of pleasing melodies and Hemy’s masterful singing. The acoustic guitar and piano-driven songs here, are beautifully written, perfectly arranged, and performed with much gusto. It is an all-round great effort and the product is simply superb from an artistic and technical point of view.

Hemy & Marshall have managed to update the 70′s classic soul sound with the perfect amount of Brit-Pop elegance, spirit and polish. Their choruses have a slow burning, gospel feel that makes the songs sound like spiritual reaffirmations, while Hemy can make his voice do absolutely anything! It is so rich and soulful, powerful and gentle all at once.

Hemy & Marshall has brought back an organic sound that has been missing in popular music for a couple of years. This Ep does what the best music usually does. It moves you.

Musically light years beyond the Autotuned herd. This isn’t Music for Dummies, but music to feed the soul. The title track “Rise & Fall” kicks this set off with an immediate, soul-bearing jolt. You want the obvious pop song; you get the obvious pop song. Hemy & Marshall don’t want the obvious pop song. This stuff is custom made. Be. Do. Stand up. It’s your life, live it! Songs like “Rise & Fall” have been known to change lives…or at the very least, save them.

“Sanctify.” Oh, listen to this one. Lean in a little closer. There goes Hemy & Marshall, once again, where the others won’t dare go. Cling onto Hemy’s asphyxiating vocals while the rhythm sweats and breathes behind you, and the saxophone comes and goes, revealing a little more of itself with each repeated listen, until you get to the core of the song.

These essential tunes are the highlights, for me. Yours may differ. It’s allowed. There’s more. There’s always more. There’s the vibrant, all-brassed-up, “World I Live”. All said, though, ‘Rise and Fall’ is a very strong Ep and a moving piece of music. The soul behind the sound especially comes through in the poignant, real and touching vocals displayed across the tracks.

‘Rise and Fall’ is a collection of intelligent, insightful, creative and beautifully crafted songs that link together into an exquisite tapestry of both melodic and energetically engaging sounds, punctuated by sharp, soulful lyrics. Hemy & Marshall deliver music for your heart and soul; music that doesn’t scream or whimper. But rather, music with a mesmerizing quality that cuts to the bone!

“Rise & Fall” is now officially released!

names & faces


Artist Website




Play or Buy & Download Hemy & Marshall’s Rise and Fall single here from Bandcamp:

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Our 2nd Rise & Fall EP review is in…

Rise and Fall – EP Review

by ReviewGeek

Rise & Fall EP

Hemy & Marshall, came to me with a different touch of classic melodies in new modern combinations. Their tunes are kind of like tasting a big earthy wine from a new bottle with an exciting new taste. This three piece band from Australia are clearly passionate musicians with some out of this world songwriting.

By doing the hard work in the studio and delivering such a remarkable collection of soundtracks on this EP, it is clear the band have focused on the design and melody of their music and made it sound flawless to any and all crazy music lovers. The melodies they present in ‘Rise and Fall’ enchanted me, which I definitely want to share, I have to say the composition of this first EP for the band is totally awesome!

‘Rise & Fall’ EP is a musical gift from these guys! They made me feel inspired and elevated with their lyrical and harmonious tracks. Full of energy and a passion woven into their music that blew me away. Their three new tracks are there, each with a different presentation and flavour:

‘World I Live’ is such an energetic and moody song and is unquestionably a masterpiece. You can draw a colorful scene listening to this track and enjoy dreaming the away time as you listen to it. The intensity of emotion and hunger for success came through the track ‘Sanctify’. It’s such a spirited song, starting with a piano chords and layers that create a fury of moods, like a kind of fever spilling out of the song itself. This impression builds even more when the energy peaks in the songs outro. Totally remarkable to listen to, another great composition, no shadow of doubt is ‘Rise & Fall’ – the title track came with its own dulcet, yearning slow rock feel. This creation was like diving into my old personal memories and yet another tremendous song from the band.

This debut EP from Hemy & Marshall is going to create a glorious history for them I believe. The way they have launched their journey into melodic classic rock song compositions indicate their days of success are not too far away. They have hit the floor running and totally amazed a music lover like me. That is impressive!

I have no doubt all of you are going to love it, maybe even more than I have!

Rise & Fall EP – review & radio interview


Listen to the latest radio interview on Soundcloud here…

Read the first review of our new EP…

Rise and Fall EP by Hemy & Marshall

Reviewed by Andrea Caccese, Sweden

Hailing from Australia, Hemy and Marshall are a trio of musicians and songwriter that have set out to create a personal, charismatic and eclectic sound, combining the grit and energy of Brit pop with the wide-open quest for melodies and groove not unlike Motown, delivering a cool retro feel of the 1960’s buried in a modern sound.

The three pieces’ brand new EP, ‘Rise and Fall’ is a work which immediately struck me with its melodic impact, focus and energy – not unlike artists the likes of Oasis, Keane or The Editors.

The EP kicks in with ‘Rise and Fall’, which immediately creates a vibe that reminded me of some of the softer tracks on ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, the final album from legendary Brit rockers Oasis.

While Hemy and Marshall owe much to a sound akin to the British super-group, they also stand out with a completely original personality and charisma, as showcased by the next track, ‘Sanctify’.

The song starts off clean and classy, built on lush, roomy piano chords slowly building it’s way to a classic indie rock tune.

“World I Live” blinks an eye to a folk groove with a more upbeat feel. The song kicks in with energy and grows in its intensity as more elements come into the picture, from the colorful horn leads to compelling vocal harmonies. The way the song ends almost echoes the last hours of a late night party… the moment when people are getting tired – it’s almost time to go home. The mood is dreamy and a kind of state of bliss, a culmination of all the great things that happened in those moments. This is the feeling you get when you listen to all three tracks from Hemy and Marshall’s debut EP!

It might be quite hard to judge an artist from just one EP with three songs, but each song is a true snapshot of a progressive band in constant flux, exploring different directions, whilst keeping their eyes focused on their chosen path. Being eclectic and diverse is really important for bands in the 21st century, but oftentimes, an attempt of being kaleidoscopic might actually produce an erratic and confusing sound; a loss of identity. The ‘trick’ is to find a way to do different things, but at the same time, craft records with a common thread, which simultaneously screams out the personality of the band. This is exactly what Hemy and Marshall have managed to accomplish with their ‘Rise and Fall’ EP.

These tracks are direct, yet unpredictable: honest insights into the songwriters’ life, experiences and mindset, both lyrically and musically.

Stream the entire EP and find out more about the band’s gigs, tours and everything else they are up to on their official website!

H&M Radio Interview on Inner FM…

aaron h&m


& HERE FOR ‘RISE & FALL’…–fall

What you are listening to on the blog today is Aaron’s interview with Jerry and Janet on their Downtown Radio Show and their airing of our demo master of Rise&Fall on Inner FM. It’s the name of the EP and it has two other songs on it, Sanctify and World I Live. We have our EP launch next Sunday at 2pm at the Eira Lounge Bar located at 1 Pryor St  Eltham, VIC.

So who are we? I got together with Damian Marshall about a year ago when we combined forces on this new collaborative project. On a foundation of indie and contemporary blues with me on Keys & Vox and Marshall on Guitar, Bass, Stomp & Vox, I begun writing and we got working on the tunes –  a kind of search for the soul of our sound has been going on for the last year, more or less. Whilst crafting and sharing our music in the studio, live and online we decided early on that we’d go on that journey with our audience; basically just let them experience that evolution along the way – definitely not lock ourselves away until we thought the music had arrived!

Late this year Aaron Schembri joined us, probably at a perfect point in our bands journey. It was at a time when our music had evolved enough to kind of cement our identity and the realisation that we could now take a serious crack at establishing ourselves as a new, up and coming Aussie band.

Whilst we are regulars at the infamous St Andrews Hotel St Andrews and venues in the surrounding area we recently had a show at The Cherry Bar in the city and are now looking to play many more inner city gigs coupled with some live radio appearances. We’ve been busy in the studio for the last couple of months with our producer Michael Kerss, the third producer we’ve had the privilege of working with and I have to say we are incredibly excited about the sound Michael is helping us create.

We just can’t wait to get this album completed and released for you all, early next year.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Aaron…


Come and get Sanctified!


Despite being given the heads up that there is some random Greek musician who also did a song called Sanctify (wtf???)… after our jam at Musicland on Sunday night, when we got to play a few h&m numbers, it was cool to get our fellow muso’s thumbs up for songs like Sons, Lovin’ Man & Sanctify!

To all of you who were there last Sunday, thanks so much, the band really appreciates all the great vibes you gave us this week!!!

H&M on Soundcloud

Click here for some tunes…

damo flute

With the EP ‘Rise&Fall’ about to be released on 15th December. Checkout a couple of pre-production recordings from the EP we made in preparation for the finished product up on hemy soundcloud, Make sure you checkout Marshall’s flute and sax work…

Another day, another h&m rehearsal!

rise and fall

We jammed it out semi-acoustic level and at my house instead of the studio this afternoon. Was going to give the neighbors a treat and smash it out on the deck but decided to leave it for another day when Melbourne’s weather gets its shit together. Did have ulterior motives for the relocation tho, was getting some stuff delivered throughout the day so while we played the trucks kept rolling in and so did the deliveries. Our first delivery man seemed to dig the tunes – he really had no choice but to listen to them while he was installing the dishwasher! He got a taste of Breathe In Breathe Out and Rise & Fall whilst he was under the sink, did stop to give me instructions how to operate it then asked us if he could come to the next gig. Who needs market research when you’ve got a tradie to play to!

The band loves Dishwasher Man!

My dog Bob also loved the whole ‘live in the livingroom’ thing. Whilst he usually chills with me in the homestudio at night and on weekends to just the keys and vox, he discovered a whole new level of appreciation for the complete band sound today! Aaron & Marshall were rewarded with the occasional lick followed by a thorough pants sniff – a big compliment in Bob’s dog world I guess. We brought Silverton Hotel and One More Beer back into the fold today and helped these older numbers of ours ease into this new laidback groove we seem to have happening. One More Beer worked so well it jumped into our next three to record for the album alongside Sons Of Dirt & Stone and Breathe In Breathe Out. Finished up the session after just a few hours, as with a pre-celebration of Marshall’s birthday going on tonight, he was of course mad keen to get to Sophie’s house and get stuck into the night ahead of him – who could blame him! Needless to say we’ll all be heading out tomorrow for his b’day bash with a bit of lunch and some tunes in the arvo at our local stomping ground hotel, The St Andrews Pub. Might finish up at Musicland for a jam later on tomorrow night?

On band matters we’ve decided to book our cameraman for the 3rd week of Jan to get the first film clip made for Rise & Fall, we also agreed to press a limited edition of 100 numbered and signed EP’s to bring with us to The Walks in Eltham for our EP launch on Dec 15th at 2.00pm. You’ll just have to be there to score one! It’s a quiet night for me right now, just sipping on a JD finishing up the EP cover so we can press it in time to take them with us in a few weeks – yes that’s the artwork above! I will say that now that we have one tradie and a dog on the h&m bandwagon.

Hope you’re all having a good one right now…